Since my last post here in August of 2011—from Beijing, to London, to Marseille, to Yerevan, Armenia—Alice and I have seen the world.  In the process, the drawings and stories that are here on this blog have become a book, Aliceheimer’s, released in the spring of 2016 as part of Penn State Press’s Graphic Medicine Series. My website tells more about our journey as does this story from the New York Times.

alices mighty mitochondira

Throughout all these travels, Alice has been with me physically through the mitochondria and chromosomes I inherited and figuratively through story. Alice is still alive, deep into the late stages of dementia. I am working on part two of our story, this time telling it completely comics form.

Since Alice lived with me, my first book, Like Water on Stone,  a verse novel about the Armenian Genocide, has come out. It is now out in paperback. I am finishing up a second novel with drawn elements, The Garbage Man, about hoarding disorder and the genetics of mental illness. Here you can experience my latest interactive art installation View from the High Ground  a piece that engages with  9 of the genocides of the past 500 years.

In the first few months that Alice and dementia lived with me, she said, “You should quit your job and make art full time.” I listened.  Thank you, Alice, and thank you readers for being a part of this journey.  Please stay in touch through my website! danawalrath.com

With every best wish,


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2 Responses to Farewell

  1. Mira Hatland says:

    Dana honey, I love your depth. I love your passion, your gratitude, your love. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us and thank you Alice for being such a gift in our lives. love Mira

  2. danawalrath says:

    Thank you, dear Mira! More will come. A second Aliceheimer’s book is in the works. So much has happened over the past 3 years! Love to you and yours.

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